Techtrix '07

Acoustics is an event where participants are given an opportunity to display their musical side. They are given the freedom to choose get their own instrument and style of music. The participants can perform solo or in a band. The event will be adjudged by DEMON STEALER.
Each band will be given 20 minutes for the setup. The style of music has to be given during the time of registration. In solo, only one song is allowed. For solo, accompaniment by the performer is allowed.
At the end of Acoustics event, there will be a performance by TALASH.
Contact Nikul : 9820963166

Venue: B J Lawns
Date : 21st September, 2007 | Timing: 3pm onwards
Registration : Rs. 50/- per band, Rs. 20/- solo
Distortion : Allowed | Death Metal : Not allowed
Free Entry for Audience

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